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Bay Area Headshot Company is a Contemporary Headshot and Portrait Studio located in Emeryville, CA. We specialize in Personal Branding, Business Portraits and Headshots. Our goal is to help career professionals, business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs create amazing images they are proud to display to the world. Click on the menu above for more information or call us at 510-560-5480.

Headshot photography sessions are ideal for creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, performers or anyone looking to create strong images that reflect their brand, personality, professionalism and good looks. Come ready to show your prospects who you are and why they should engage with you and not anyone else.  Our headshot sessions are perfect to upgrade website directories, LinkedIn and other social media profile photos. We offer discounts for groups of 10 or more and convenient scheduling for in studio sessions making it easy to photograph members together or individually. 

Branding photography sessions are designed to give you the professional edge you deserve. We'll create amazing images that send a powerful message to potential clients or employers. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, you should come prepared to create branding images that will enhance your positioning as a professional and help you stand out from the crowd.