The more prepared you are for your headshot and branding photo session, the better your session results will be. Hair and makeup, the clothes you wear and your attitude have a great impact on the outcome of your photos. From a casual look to a business look, the secret is to know your style and dress with confidence. Here are some tips on makeup and styling to get the best results possible during your photo session.


We highly recommend that you work with a professional hair and makeup stylist that is skilled with makeup for photoshoots. We work with a team of professionals that are skilled in delivering the best results for photography sessions.

If you choose to do hair and makeup yourself, aim for a natural makeup look that makes you look like the best version of yourself.

Stay away from using mineral makeup and makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as it can create foundation flashback which is a very unattractive glow and shine on the skin. 

Perfect Natural Headshot Makeup

How Should a Women's Business Suit Fit?


We strongly recommend that you get a haircut and groomed before your photo session. At the studio, we can supply a translucent face powder that reduces shine and help reduce skin imperfections. 

If you are planning to wear a suit and a tie, here's a few tips to help you look sharp for your photo session.

How to Know if a Suit Fits

How to Tie a Windsor Knot


Pick a color palette that suits your skin tone as well as your brand. We recommend that you bring 3 to 4 outfits to your photo session so you can have multiple options to choose from. Bring even more options if you are scheduled for a BRANDING session. 

Is your skin warm or cool?

Which colors work for your skin tone


What's a Headshot Session? 

It's a photo session aiming to capture your personality  in a head and shoulders image. This image can be used for LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media and online profiles. 

What's a Branding Session?  

This session aims to highlight you or your business personality though photographs. It's ideal for the entrepreneurial, innovative, or creative person. It consists of a combination of headshots, three quarters length and full body length images. These images can be used for web sites, business cards, dating sites, marketing and promotional materials. Or, they can be used for personal reasons, such as gifts to loved ones or a celebration of a life milestone. 

What's a look?

A look is a change of outfit and/or backdrop and makeup and hair, or a combination of the three. Small changes in outfit can have a large impact on the look and feel of an image. We encourage you to bring outfits that you feel comfortable in and represent different styles and moods. 

When do I get to see my images?

We'll look at the photos together during the photoshoot.

Can I buy more images?

Yes. When you select the included images, you have the choice of purchasing any additional images you fall in love with. Each additional image is delivered to you professionally retouched, in high resolution and ready to be used. 

How are my images delivered?

You'll receive an email with your image within 5 business days of your photoshoot. For additional images, please allow extra time for delivery. 


Your photoshoot takes place in studio using a combination of strobes,  continuous lights or natural light to achieve the goals discussed during our consultation. 

Parents / Guardians of clients under 18

Clients under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. 

Session Fee

Session fees must be paid in full at the time of booking. Cash and major credit cards are accepted through Square. 

Late Arrivals

Should you be late for your session, your session will end at the original scheduled time.


You can reschedule your session one time with a 72 hours (three business days Monday - Friday) notice. You are allowed to reschedule your session one time only. The second time will be considered a cancelation and you forfeit your retainer fee.


If you forget your photo session or fail to reschedule it, you forfeit your retainer fee.


If you cancel your photo session, you forfeit your retainer fee. 

Re-Shoots / Refunds

No re-shoots or refunds are available save for technical failures or equipment malfunction. But don't worry, during the photoshoot, we'll work together to achieve the goals discussed during the consultation.